Sun 26 May - S10 V1

Betting Opens: Sat 25 May
1AtalantaSassuoloCloses: Sun 26 May 15:00
1BolognaNapoliCurrent Pool : R.00
2CagliariUdineseStatus: NOT YET OPEN
Pool Code : SLL
4FrosinoneChievo Verona
5Inter Milan Empoli
7Sampdoria Juventus
8SpalAC Milan
9Torino Lazio

Fri 24 May - S10 V1

Betting Opens: Thur 23 May
1Amiens SCGuingamp Closes : Fri 24 May 21:05
2AngersSt EtienneCurrent Pool: R.00
3DijonToulouseStatus : NOT YET OPEN
Pool Code: 1UU
4CaenBordeauxBET NOW

Soccer 10 is a bet type that is similar to Soccer 6, except there are 10 matches instead of 6. These are labelled M1-M10. This bet type costs only R2 to play. If players predict all 10 matches correct, they receive 80% of the pool. If a player predicts any 9 matches correct, they receive 20% of the pool. Soccer 10 has a record pay-out of R2,106,857!

Players can choose single or multiple entries. With single entries, players select one option or choice for each match with each bet costing R2. With multiple entries, players select more than one option in one or more matches and each combination bet costs R2. The number of combinations are calculated by multiplying out the total number of options or choices for each match and then taking that total and multiplying it by 2 in order to calculate the cost of the bet.

The results of all matches in the Soccer 10 pool is the final score at the end of a normal 90-minute playing period which includes any injury time that may have been played. Extra times and penalty shoot-outs are not taken into account for the final score.
There are 3 results to choose from in the Soccer 10 pool. These results are as follows:

-Team A To Win.
-Team B To Win.

The results are denoted using numbers by a computerised tote betting system. Pay-outs are declared as soon as the official results of the matches are received from the governing soccer bodies. All Soccer 10 results and pay-outs are immediately published online and at all TAB outlets. Winning tickets can be presented at any TAB outlet in order to collect winnings. For telephone betting and online account holders, winnings are automatically credited into their accounts where they can be directly transferred into personal bank accounts. All pay-outs are calculated by dividing the number of winning entries into the pool total. Results are usually declared by the day after the last match in the pool is played. Players should take note that any match not completed by 9am on the day after the last day on which matches were scheduled is abandoned and deemed void.
Soccer 10 can be played online, via telephone betting, using mobile phones, tablets or at any TAB outlet.