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At around this time each year, football fans and especially those who follow this league in particular try to look for a potential winner or place finish.
Of all the major football leagues in the world this has to be the toughest league in the world to predict. From one-off matches to how many goals will be scored in a match, there is very little status quo to the league in current years and the top 6 teams who I believe are the 2 Manchesters’ (Manchester City & Manchester United), Tottenham, Chelsea with Arsenal & Liverpool / Leicester / West Ham sharing that 6th spot in my opinion. Already we have had a few ‘surprises‘, a word which because of the nature of the league and the 5000/1 winner in Leicester last year makes the word surprise or upset a tad redundant! Let’s call it against the odds if you will.
That for me has been the theme of football in the past 12 months with Portugal winning the Euros, to top off a year where the underdog tag really doesn’t hinder but rather takes the pressure off teams and allows them to take one match at a time and focus on the task at hand, as opposed to tripping up whilst glaring at the trophy which lies in promise on the distant horizon. Hull City are one of the newly promoted teams who managed to beat the Champions Leicester in the 1st week and followed that up again, with a solid 2-0 victory over Swansea. Middlesbrough have also started well and beat Sunderland at the stadium of light today. The ‘upset’ or against the odds @ 7/1 was Burnleys win over Liverpool. Another newly promoted team, so the theme of the week has definitely been a case of the new boys waltzing into the EPL and showing no respect or fear for reputation.

The two City teams are completely transformed and perhaps the most interesting dynamic of this year’s EPL title race will be this cross town rivalry! Whilst Liverpool and Manchester United is the traditional English version of El Classico, I think new history is being written and the Manchester derby will take over as the show piece of English football in years to come.

Jose Mourinho is the final piece of the jigsaw that United have been searching for and with him at the helm, all will fall into place and normality will resume at Old Trafford. I don’t think that United will ever dominate as they did under Alex Ferguson, (he was one of a kind), but this is pretty close. The signing of Zlatan Ibrahimović was when I got this intrinsic feeling that United are back. He has already shown his worth in finding winners for his team this early in the season and along with Rooney will combine to make Manchester United dynamic, explosive and full of goals once again this season. The top goal scorer market is one I’m very interested in, and Zlatan is who I’m backing to win that. Manchester United have a real chance of winning this and if you are going to win, goals are a natural by-product of this.
Equally, the across the city rivals have the Great Pep Guardiola at the helm . He has stamped his mark on this team and even this early into his reign, you can see his signature style of football being implemented. Goals , goals and more goals with an urgency to win the ball back as quickly as possible when it is lost. He has dropped Joe Hart, simply preferring a different kind of keeper to fit into his vision and style of how football should be played. That takes a lot of confidence to do ! He is the English number one choice keeper but Pep is a man of conviction and knows what he wants. He settles for no less from his players. So far they look like a combination of Bayern and Barca and its really quite beautiful to watch. They will be in the mix for sure.

Later I will find you the best odds on all of the more interesting markets pertaining to the EPL this year including the top 4 finish and to be relegated market is probably as populated as any I have ever seen. It seems a bit of a cynical market but I suppose with such a competitive league where nothing is constant, especially at the bottom 3rd of the table, this makes for very interesting speculation and prediction.
For the Top Goal scorer market, www.bet.co.za offer the best odds I can find locally on the top goal scorer market https://www.bet.co.za/index.php/bethome/action/viewevent/eventid/1529654
There are a great variety of markets also available on this site within this link .

Premier League Coupons, for the EPL connoisseur, are markets like:

Premier League 2016/17 – Top Midlands Club
Premier League 2016/17 – Top North East Club
Premier League 2016/17 – Top North West Club
Premier League 2016/17 – Top Promoted Club
Top 4 and top 6 places –
Premier League 2016/17 – To Finish Bottom: I will leave that for the more cynical types, I would hazard a guess that if Sunderland don’t buy some proper players , their flirtation with the basement may be a case of one flirtation to many and they may end up joining rivals Newcastle in the ‘championship El Calicos’ next season .
Premier League 2016/17 – Top Goal scorer: I fancy Aguero, Sergio @2.30 and Ibrahimović, Zlatan @3.90 on bet.co.za
To finish in the Top 4 or top 6 is another popular bet and I like this one for safety! For example, Arsenal. To all Arsenal fans a top 4 finish is an absolute banker and they can be backed at around even money on Worldsportbetting, who cover this market comprehensively https://www.worldsportsbetting.co.za/#!/outrights/48326|

Of course the most debated market, where all the liquidity will lie, is the To win the EPL market : As I alluded to, I feel that the winner will come from the City of Manchester but Leicester at 5000/1 are current Champions, so who is to say Burnley can’t win @1000/1?
NOTE : There are no longer any 5000/1’s on offer in this market .

On this link : http://www.sportingbet.co.za/sports-football/england-premier-league-specials/1-102-734017.html , Sportingbet offer a myriad of really in-depth markets including head-to-head match-ups , where you select , for instance, these two great rivals in the tournament head-to-head as opposed to the actual dual between them on the field .
Manchester City @1.666 to win the EPL Versus Manchester City @2.1

Also in this link are the Kings of The Capital where all the London Clubs can be selected from . London populates the Premier league with extremely fashionable teams and you browse who you may fancy here , especially if you are a London club supporter . I am a Spurs fan , so this is the market I love . A rivalry within rivalries can be found throughout the EPL . These are the more popular teams and odds for this market :
West Ham@3.20
There are also long-term goal markets offered, which is my favorite market of all, including Total Goals for Match day XYZ ….I really am partial to this market .
For the upcoming weekend, we have these odds on the goal market on Sportingbet for
Over28.5 goals @2.55 and Under@ 1.44. This is an awesome way of betting on goals as you can go through the list of fixtures and earmark the under or over 3 goal bankers and then average it all out. I definitely find this to be very lucrative if you follow and are good at picking match themes as I call it, where you don’t pick a winner or draw , but rather the tempo of the match. For instance, when I see Arsenal versus Liverpool I immediately equate it to goals, whereas a Chelsea versus Stoke City game brings up visions of stoic defense, set pieces and “ugly football“ without being derogatory . I certainly wouldn’t put money on goals in a game like that, so a fixture of that nature immediately drops my goal average for the match day. The key is to figure out if the overall theme of the week averages out as high or low , regarding the “goal rush “
Sportsbet.co.za offer a few optional EPL markets to go with the outright winner too ,but hardly anything out of this world www.sportsbet.co.za/index.php?cPath=56703&event_id=1292774&market_type_id=-&country_id=254
They do however offer lower league outright markets which is good for die-hard fans whose clubs may linger in the league below
Clickabet.co.za offers a very comprehensive list of markets too on this link:
There is nothing much that can’t be found here pertaining to the EPL so I would definitely recommend this site for comprehensive English Premier League betting.
Whilst browsing the local sites for markets and good odds I have come across supabets. They are offering a welcome bonus of a 50% match up to a R2000 deposit. Considering that the actual content of the site is good, I will definitely take them up on that. The site can be found on this link http://www.supabets.co.za/Sport/Default.aspx
This year’s English Premier League promises to be filled with all the drama that makes it the most competitive league in the world !

Happy football viewing and ‘investing’

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