Hollywoodbets 10% top up voucher promotion is a really great promotion for you.

You just have to redeem a voucher between 24 May and 31 May and you will win yourself a 10% bonus which is only valid for the Holly Top Up Voucher redeemed to the tune of R10 000, which means that you can only receive a bonus of not more than R1000.

This offer is valid from 24 May to 31 May.
The bonus will only be credited into your account once the Holly Top Up Voucher has been redeemed and you can send an email to helpline@hollywoodbets.net with ‘ bonus promotion’ as your heading. Also provide your Hollywoodbets account number together with your Holly Top Up Voucher amount and the store you bought the voucher from.

Additionally, you can also show date they tried to redeem it, the voucher pin and voucher serial number.