A great promotion is on offer for you from Interbet if you are a ‘People’s Person’, you simply have to refer-a-friend and get the chance to win betting credits for each buddy you refer.
How does it work?
It’s quite simple, you must recommend Interbet to your buddy’s or friends and you could receive R25 in betting credits. Your buddy needs to sign up to qualify for R25 in betting credits.
Please note that you are allowed to enter 5 names and email addresses in a 7-day period and you also need to deposit and bet a minimum of R50 in the 7 days before you actually enter and submit your buddy’s details.
If all requirements have been met and you enter a valid email address, you buddy will receive an email with instructions on how to sign up from the link we sent to them.
Your buddy will need to FICA his or her account, deposit and stake a minimum of R25 within 7 days of receiving the email and they will receive a free R25 in betting credits.
Once your buddy has met all the requirements, we will also add R25 in betting credits to your account and notify you via email/SMS.