What do you really look at when betting?

There is a general belief in the world of soccer that soccer teams that play at their home ground will have an advantage over the visiting teams.

What makes playing at home an advantage? 

  • The crowds play an important part in soccer because they motivate the players and there is a great desire in every player to please the local fans. This issue of crowds is however difficult in matches against the bigger sides. For example, a team like Kaizer Chiefs has a very huge following across South Africa and their visiting fans can easily outnumber those of the home team.
  • In International matches, the away team travels long distances and there is a lot of professionalism in the African Champions League whereby the home team tries to frustrate the visitors and affect their preparations and the home team will have the advantage in this case.
  • The home team is familiar with their pitch and this makes it easy for them to play as compared to the opposing team.
  • Referees tend to be biased towards the home team as they succumb to pressure from the home crowd.

Evidence that home advantage does not always guarantee results 

The recently ended English Premier League season, Manchester United actually amassed many points away from Old Trafford as most of their matches at home ended in draws and most punters lost their money because they still had the Alex Ferguson’s team in mind, which was unbeatable at home. But that was not the case with the Jose Mourinho managed side and this proves that home advantage alone does not win games.