Online and Mobile betting has completely changed the betting industry and more options are now available for the punters like live betting which is the latest trend in online betting.

Live betting is very crucial to a punter in the sense that you no longer have to worry about placing a bet before the match starts.

The main advantage of live betting in soccer is that punters can use what is actually happening in a game and make informed decisions about what is likely to happen next and bet on it. For example, in the recently ended Confederations Cup,  Germany were two nil up before half time against Chile and knowing how well the Germans defend, it was easy to predict that there was no way back for Chile.

Odds constantly change in this type of betting because whenever a game changing incident like a red card, goal or a penalty is awarded, the odds will change. However it’s imperative to note that if you place your bet, it will not be affected by any changes that will happen later, so timing is important in live betting.