It is important to note that there is a wide range of sports being offered by the bookmarkers and it is not possible to look into all the sports at once, so our first port of call is soccer, which is without doubt the most popular among sports punters.

Most of the rules apply to all of the Bookmakers so there is no point in mentioning individual bookmarkers, as this is a general assessment.

Full Time Result

A lot of people still do not understand that there is a difference in what they consider a full match and what the bookmakers say because according to the bookmakers, a full time result is the result of the whole 90 minutes excluding extra time so punters have to be careful when betting in tournaments because they are usually decided on penalty shootouts or extra time yet all this is not part of the full match according to the rules of betting.

Abandoned Matches

Any match that is abandoned and is not played within 24 hrs after it has abandoned will be declared void but any selections made before the abandonment ( first half scoreline , first goalscorer ) will be considered active on your betslip. If you placed a single bet, you will get back your money but if you had placed an accumulator,  the void bet will be removed and your stake will be calculated again but this does not apply to every bookmaker. Other reasons why bets can be declared void are

  • Palpable Error
  • Changes to venue
  • Postponement
  • Punter’s request

Correct Score

The correct score should be the actual result after regulation time ( 90 minutes ) . In the event that you chose the double scoreline option, the results must be correct for both half time and full time so even if you get part of the bet right, you will still be on the losing side.

Double Chance

Double chance simply means that you are expecting two outcomes on a single match and your bet will win if either of your choices is correct. There are three options to choose from in a double chance bet:

  • Home or Away team wins (H+A)
  • Home team wins or draws (H+D)
  • Away team wins or draw (A+D)

Goalscorers ( first/last goalscorer , team first/last goalscorer)

These type of bets are specific and can only win if the selected players score on the exact point there are expected to, be it first or last and players not quoted are also considered winners in the event that they score goals.

A bet is considered void if the selected player is not part of the match itself for whatever reason.

There are a lot of rules in soccer betting, more than you can ever imagine so just make sure you do thorough research before you make a bet you are not familiar with.

One of the most popular bets is the match bet (H+D+A) which is straightforward because you are expected to choose only one outcome from the match. There are basically three options to choose from which are Home Win (H), Draw (D) and Away win (A).

If you are not very confident in the outcome of the match, there is a less risky bet called the Double Chance where you can choose two possible outcomes of the same match. (HD) means there is a possibility that the home team will either win or draw , (DD) means both teams may draw and (AD) means the away team might win or draw.

It is important not to assume that you are well versed with odds because many times you find punters with a long betting ticket but with a really small payout which may be suggestive of the fact that punters do not entirely understand how odds work.

Odds often show the most probable outcome of the match and potentially what your winnings will be.

How do odds show a probable outcome of the match?

In a situation where Manchester United are playing Huddersfield Town, the odds might look like this:
0.3 Man United 3.0 Huddersfield Town 6.0
and the team with lower odds is the odds on favourite to win but you should not always allow yourself to be fooled by the bookmakers because they usually tend to get it wrong. Odds are presented either as decimals (1.0) or fractions (1/1) but it is important to stress that the odds are the same.

Goals are an important part of soccer betting and there is a wide range of markets associated with goals. Under/Over goals is the most popular bet type where a punter has to predict if the number of goals will be lower or higher than a set limit.


Let me use 3.5 as an example so that you have a better understanding of how this market works. Suppose you are betting on the Carling Cup final match between Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates. Under 3.5 means the goals must be less than 4 (3 or less goals), whilst Over means the goals must be more than 3 (four or more). It’s as simple as that, but to be successful in this market you need to have in-depth knowledge of the league and teams involved. For example, the German Bundesliga is known for high scoring matches so over 2.5 is worth it in such a league.
Still on goals, one of the most difficult to predict is the correct score, where you are supposed to predict the exact scoreline at the end of either the first half or the whole 90 minutes. This market has very good odds but most punters are reluctant to try it.
Draw no bet is another market to consider. What it means is that you back a team to win outright but you will get your stake back if the match finishes as a draw. The odds are slightly lower than if you had just bet in your team but this one is for those punters who are not high risk takers.
You must be wondering how many bets you can place in a single ticket? You can place as many as you like provided that your total payout is within the limit of your bookmaker. For example, Hollywoodbets has a R3 million payout limit so you total payout must be R3 million or less.