2014 FIFA Soccer World Cup Betting

Although the best Soccer World Cup had to be the one hosted in South Africa in 2010, no doubt Brazil are going to bring it all out for the 2014 FIFA Championship. The 2010 games was the first time that sports betting really took off and was made popular for the mass population. The 2014 SWC Brazil will be even bigger, especially when it comes to mobile sports betting or betting on your mobile device.

So, how can you get involved in betting on the 2014 Soccer World Cup?
1 – Have a look at the sports betting sites in South Africa and sign up to a few
2 – Deposit some funds into your accounts with them – remember never to bet with more than you can afford to lose
3 – Look for the games and matches where you have a decent amount of knowledge of the teams and players (remember our article on how to bet online)
4 – Compare the sites you signed up with and see who has the best odds for the bet you want to make
5 – Place your bets
Here is a link to the World Cup 2014 fixtures.

There will be a multitude of betting options for the FIFA Soccer World Cup, and these will include: outright winners, match winners, tournament winners, first scorer, highest scorer etc.

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