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How to Find Aviator Game on Hollywoodbets 

The brand ‘Hollywoodbets’ is quite popular in South Africa. Odds are, from a random sample of 100 people, 90%+ will know the brand name Hollywoodbets while a bigger percentage will know what Hollywoodbets does. This simply demonstrates the popularity of Hollywoodbets online casinos in South Africa. 

The popularity of Hollywoodbets in South Africa is necessitated by several factors chief among them being the impressive collection of games and gambling products offered. This online casino operates as a multi-platform online casino hence it receives its casino games from a wide range of software developers. One of these developers is Spribe, the developer behind the highly popular Aviator game. 

The Aviator game has won the hearts of multitudes of South African casino players. This is largely necessitated by its simplicity as well as its lucrativeness. If you would like to give this game a try and testify for yourself as to its simplicity and lucrativeness, you can easily do so when you visit Hollywoodbets. The steps to follow in locating the Aviator game at Hollywoodbets are exposed and explored below.  

Step-by-Step Guide to Logging into Aviator Game on Hollywoodbets  

  1. The first step which players should take is to search for the official Hollywoodbets website using either their desktop or mobile devices. They can do this by simply typing ‘Hollywoodbets South Africa’ in their web browsers’ search tab An alternative to this is to input the address https://m.hollywoodbets.net/ in their web browsers such that they are redirected to the landing page in one go 
  2. To ensure that you can enjoy the Aviator game in real money mode and hence stand a chance of winning real money payouts, players are advised to register their accounts first. Setting up an account at Hollywoodbets is quite simple. All that players need to do is to click the ‘Register’ button on the landing page and follow all the prompts provided. For those that are already Hollywoodbets registered players, they will need to access their account portal by clicking the ‘Login’ button and inputting their security credentials  
  3. For the convenience of all players, Hollywoodbets placed the ‘Aviator’ game link on the menu bar. Players therefore simply need to search for the Aviator button on the menu bar and click it to be redirected to the game page  
  4. Aviator is quite a unique game which runs in real-time hence the moment you are redirected to the homepage, you will find the game already running. If the betting window is currently closed, simply wait for a few seconds for the current game session to end. Once the window opens, proceed to place your bet and wait for the action to start. Note that it’s possible to place multiple bets at once 
  5. After you place your bet and the betting window closes, the plane will take off into the sky. As it does, the multiplier value will increase progressively with each step the plane takes into the sky. Your objective is to pick the perfect time to jump out of the plane (cash out). don’t be too quick in jumping out as you risk losing the valuable multiplier values. At the same time, don’t take too much time inside the plane as it may crash at any moment hence forfeit your entire stake. essentially, Aviator is a game of intuition hence the reason it’s a fun game to play.   

Round Off 

To ensure that all its players don’t just jump straight into the game without first mastering the game rules, playing tips and tricks as well as winning strategies, Hollywoodbets offers the Aviator game in demo mode. In this mode, players receive free credits courtesy of the game developer to try out the game for free.