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BetGames is a live broadcast gaming operator which operates in over 40 countries and provides online betting sites with a range of interactive betting products. If you enjoy Betgames, be sure to take a look at the Aviator Game, and View the website all about Aviator tips and strategy, AviatorBet.

BetGames.Tv is the holding company, based in Lithuania and provides their service to betting providers across the globe, including some of the biggest online sports betting sites in South Africa, such as Hollywoodbets Betgames,Betway Betgames, and WSB BetGames.

The concept is based on a series of traditional casino table games such as baccarat, dice and poker, a trio of lucky numbers-like features, a card game called War of Bets as well as a Wheel of Fortune.

The games are available 24/7 and run almost like virtual play, with a new round or hand dealt every few minutes (depending on game).

The key difference is the live dealer experience, and this innovative and unique concept is proving a hit with the punters. 

BetGames Strategy

How do we help you to win more with BetGames and help you to build a winning Betgames straetgy? Simple. The best way to predict the future is by looking at the past. As BetGames draws take place almost every 5 minutes there is plenty of data and we use this historical data to help make tips and predictions. Once we have enough data for each game, we plug it into our prediction engine which then provides useful data for you. This can include stats like Average SUM of the numbers on B Zone per Lucky 6 draw or Average number of even numbers dropped per Lucky 7 draw or the % of times clapper stops in range 1-6 for the Wheel of fortune. Once you have this data, you can use it to guide and build your winning betGames strategy.

BetGames South Africa Details and How to Play

There are 9 current BetGames available for African punters with three lotto-like games namely the Lucky 5, Lucky 6 and the Lucky 7.

These games are all played on a similar principle with a series of balls (numbers) being drawn by a live presenter in studio. 

All the Lucky game draws are done every five minutes and while all three have slightly different variations the event is an outcome-based draw. The slight variations bring about more win opportunities spread out across the three versions.

The Lucky 5 game allows the punter to choose from a series of numbers between 1 and 36. The lucky 5 game has 90 different outcomes available and with odds ranging from 1.03 to 1000/1 there are substantial winnings available.

Punters also have the chance to bet on the colours of the balls, with green, white, red and blue available.

More ‘Lucky 5’ bets include staking a wager on whether the drawn balls will turn up odds or evens, over/under and sum of the totals of all the numbers that have dropped.

The ‘jackpot’ win on this feature is if a punter correctly predicts if all five balls falling will be the same colour. An example of landing the big win is if a punter predicts the exact balls and all in white then a 1000x multiple of their stake will be won.

The Lucky 6 is another live broadcast draw and offers punters with the opportunity to win 40 different outcomes. For this form of the BetGame lotto-like feature, punters can choose numbers from 0-9. For a further form of punting there are three zones as well. This provides a bigger bet-market. The punter can predict whether a chosen ball will fall in the a, b or z zone. The bet-market for this game is significant with bets to be placed on variables such as sum-total, over/under, odds/evens and colours. This game is popular as there are extremely low odds and win chances, ranging from 1.07/1 to 90/1.

The Lucky 7 is another game like a lotto, with a live broadcasted draw every 5 minutes. The punter must predict numbers between 1-42. The bet market also allows the placing of bets on the colour of the balls, in thi9s game either yellow or black. The substantial bet market on the lucky 7 game offers 70 different outcomes. Odds run from 1.01 all the way to a jackpot-like 2000x the original stake. The punter must select four correct balls to fall out of seven to hit the big win. As all the lucky games on BetGames, there are bets for the colour of the ball, the sum total, total count of the balls and if the balls are odds or even. Under each of these sub-categories are a large amount and over/under.

Another popular game is ‘The Wheel of Fortune’ and this follows the same format, namely a live broadcast affair There are 20 different outcomes with each spin of the wheel, which takes place every two minutes. The ‘Wheel of Fortune’ provides punters with low odds with the highest pay out 18/1 and the average pay out between 2/1 and 6/1. 

There are various win-methods including colour, number of the ball when the wheel stops and odds/even. The largest pay-out is when a player predicts the exact number (1-18).

Currently there are two dice games on offer at BetGamesThe first game offers live rounds every three minutes, with 30 possible outcomes. The bet market provides a series of outcomes on variables such as combos, numbers, odds/even, total sum and within each of these are larger bet-markets.  

The highest odds are 500/1 while the lowest can be found at lowest odds can be found at 1.01/1.

The outcomes offer both the riskier, adventurous players as well as the low-risk punters with chances to win. There are frequent opportunities to win substantial amounts. Alongside the high and low odds there are ranges between 25/1 and 60/1.

Some bets include selecting three exact numbers (25/1) to a chosen number not being rolled (2.5/1).

There are odds/even bets with players choosing options ranging from more dice with odd/even numbers (1.90/1) to all dice with odd/even numbers (25/1).

The second dice game offered by BetGames is the popular Dice Duel, but according to the service provider they are in the process of optimizing this game. The Duel provides 30 different outcomes and is played every three minutes. Apparently, the new optimized offering will bring this down to a game a minute. The Dice Duel is a slight variant of the traditional ‘dice’ as provided on the platform. The game is like the card favourite baccarat in that there are two sets of options to choose from – a blue set of die or a red set. In baccarat a person can punt on the player or the banker and this dice game offers a similar approach. 

The odds range from 1.14/1 to 34/1 and all outcomes are highly achievable. The average pay-out hovers between 1/9/1 to 6/1 and the odds favour a cautious approach, while still leaning to the adventurous.

BetGames.TV provides punters the opportunity to play a casino favourite card game, offering Baccarat in a live dealer experience that offers 30 different outcomes, with a new hand played every two minutes. This game offers the player or the banker with a large bet-market for each 120 second hand. The table, setting and live dealer give a real=casino-like feel. 

The platform offers a top-notch ‘Bet on Poker’ game, with a live dealer playing a seven-card hand. The player can choose any of seven hands, and pick from a large bet-market including four of a kind, royal flush, high card and more.

The final offering is the innovative War of Bets, which is essentially a game consisting of two cards, with another live dealer experience. The game is proving popular due to the simplified nature of betting and offers a draw every two minutes, with 30 different outcomes. The bet-market is extensive and consists of plays like colour of card, whether one is higher than the other and many more.

BetGames is proving to be a success with gaming enthusiasts throughout the world, with South African punters finding the game, live draw experience, handsome odds and substantial earning potential all major drawcards.

Betting sites that offer BetGames

The online sports betting scene in South Africa is mushrooming and local service providers are turning to increasingly interactive ways to increase traffic and enhance the gaming experience.

There is a clutch of leading brand names that offer a substantial sportsbook, lotteries, in-play action and a wide and varied amount of sporting codes but only a handful provide services such as Betgames.

BetGames is one of the most popular means of bet-making in the country and some leading platforms offer their members a chance to play up to nine separate and interactive games.

The premise of the feature is based on live dealing, combined with a virtual play-like bet market.

BetGames offers three lucky number options, two dice games, favourite table games (baccarat, poker), Wheel of Fortune and a War of Bets option.

These are outcome-based games that occur every two to 5 minutes depending on the choice and provide a 24/7 solution to instant gaming needs.

The odds vary between 1.01/1 to 2000/1 and provide chances for players of all natures the opportunity to win.

Here is a list of the leading online sports betting sites that offer BetGames in South Africa.

Hollywoodbets Betgames

There is an increasing number of South African online sports betting sites offering the increasingly popular BetGames feature, with among a host of leading brands providing the game.

Hollywoodbets is one of the premier betting platforms in South Africa and their web and mobi sites offer a range of markets, live play, lucky numbers, substantial sportsbook as well as the now ever-present BetGames and the scope of the service provider ensures an all-round punting experience not to be missed. Don’t forget to try Hollywoodbets Spina Zonke or to see all Betgames betting sites.

BetGames is an innovative, international award-nominated feature that offers nine games, including a series of Lucky Numbers games, a brace of dice draws, favourite casino table games as well as a Wheel of Fortune.

The Betgames experience is proving so popular as it combines a virtual play-like set-up with a live dealer, and there are draws every 2 to five minutes depending on the game choice. offers the full BetGames experience with all nine promoted games on offer, including table favourites like baccarat, dice and poker alongside a card game called War of Bets. There are also three lotto-like games, namely, a lucky 5, lucky 6 and lucky 7 as well as a Wheel of Fortune.

All these games are outcome-based affairs, with punters having opportunities to win anywhere between 1.01/1 to 2000/1 on original stakes. This allows for conservative players to build up winnings while also catering for those who want to win substantial rewards quickly, and with a low stake.

The BetGames link can be found on the main landing page of hollywoodbets. The tab appears on the menu directory running down the left-hand flank (it is first link on this vertical directory)

The punter clicks on ‘BetGames Africa’ and this will take them to another page, dedicated to the feature and the nine games will be displayed. 

To find BetGames onb the Hollywoodbets mobi site the punter can scroll down the menu directory on the landing page and it will be the fourth link.

This will take the punter to the nine games available on this feature, all appearing on the menu directory. The draws take place every 2 to 5 minutes and the details of when the next live draw will occur are shown on the tab naming the specific game. For example, lucky 5 (2.52 seconds) will show the game, the bet markets available and that the live event will take place in two minutes and 52 seconds.

The graphics on both the web and mobi sites are very well done, and especially on smartphones, where the pixels are higher.

The bet-markets offer something for all types of bettors and can be found just under the live card game or event such as lucky 5 draw for example.

Hollywoodbets also offers BetGames Africa at their physical outlets spread across the country and punters can play at provided computer terminals.

Betway Betgames

The online sports betting industry in South Africa is wide, varied and full of well-established name brands, and some of the better sites offer a range of features and a substantial bet-market. See all Betting sites offering Betgames. 

Betway is one of the biggest online sports betting service providers in Africa and the South African platform is an extension of the professionalism and high standard.

The site offers a significantly large sportsbook as well as top-notch promotions while also providing punters with win-opportunities through a feature called Betgames.

Betgames can be found on the main menu directory on the site’s landing page. The feature is a unique, innovative blend of virtual play and live broadcast dealing and presenting and this model combines the best of quick play with the familiarity of watching a live performance.

The Betway mobi site provides betgames on the main menu directory of the landing page and is the fourth tab. 

Betgames offers nine games, including lucky 5, lucky 6, lucky 7, poker, baccarat, War of Cards, Wheel of Fortune and two dice contests.

The lucky 5, 6 and 7 games are lottery like draws done every five minutes, with each separate game having a separate dealer and draw event. 

The draws, dice throws, or card deals are done every two to five minutes depending on the game chosen, and they provide a varying degree of odds, ranging from 1.01/1 to 2000/1. 

Between the nine games there are 350 outcomes available and the events occur 24/7. 

Betway provides an excellent platform for the live broadcast, both on the website and mobi site with a large portion of the page dedicated to the dealer or lotto presenter, followed by a substantial bet-market.

The key to maximising the effects of live broadcast is to ensure a graphically enhanced experience and manages to do this on both web and mobi portals.

The range and variety of bet-events available on betgames provides punters with an opportunity to win and experience a virtual/live experience.   

WSB Betgames

The online sports betting industry in South Africa is growing rapidly and the top platforms provide a wide range of products, services and features.

World sports betting ( is one of the better-known establishments in the country and there are a host of markets available including the national lottery, substantial sportsbook, various tournament boosters, horse-racing and betgames. See all Betting sites with Betgames

Betgames is an exciting, innovative feature which offers punters the opportunity to play nine games, all in a format that includes the best of virtual play and live broadcast gaming. 

The live broadcast betting concept is centred on the premise of providing the excitement and casino-like experience of an actual presenter or dealer with games taking place at a rapid rate.

This feature on offers nine games including lucky 5, 6 and 7 (lottery-like draws), poker, baccarat, Wheel of Fortune, War of Bets, dice and dice duel – all running 24/7.

The lucky 5, 6 and 7 draws take place every five minutes and are separate entities in that each has a different presenter, game format and structure. 

The games are all outcome based with a wide bet-market – for example in the lucky 5 there are 90 outcomes based on balls drawn, odds/even, over/under, colour, order and more.

The lucky 6 offers 40 different outcomes and incorporates a similar bet market, while the lucky 7 offers 70 different bets.

Bet on Poker and baccarat are table favourites and offer the punter a chance to feel like they are playing in a casino, but with a significantly increased bet market. Baccarat is played every 120 seconds and offers 30 different outcomes. Bet on Poker is played every five minutes and offers 15 betting options.

The Wheel of Fortune is a spinning wheel landing on a certain number, and is played 2 minutes with 20 outcomes available, including colour, odds/evens, over/under.

There are two dice games, played every three minutes each offering 30 different outcomes.

The betgames feature can be found on the wsb main landing page if a punter scrolls down the left-hand flank menu directory. Under the sub heading SPORTS will be a link to Betgames.

The feature can be easily found on the mobi site under the main menu directory (fourth link) on the mobi main landing page.

The graphics on both wsb web and mobi are top-notch and makes gameplay that much more rewarding Betgames is becoming a household name in the South African online sports betting scene and offer BetGames, on both their web and mobi platforms.

Sportingbet Dream Catcher is becoming a player in the online sports betting industry in South Africa and offer BetGames, on both their web and mobi platforms.

What is Dream Catcher?

Sportingbet, one of South Africa’s largest sportsbook offers a wide range of betting services including the popular game which is called Dream Catcher. Dream Catcher is a lucky Money Wheel game and produced by Evolution Gaming. 

How do you play Dream Catcher?

To play dream catcher on the Sportingbet online platform, you must be a registered Sportingbet client, do not worry if you are yet to register, you simply need to visit the Sportingbet website and complete the simple registration process. After registering for an account, you will be ready to place your bet.
When you are playing The Dream Catcher, the dealer will spin a large vertical wheel. There are several dealers who present the dream catcher but unlike Betgames, the Dream Catcher hosts are either male or female. The hosts can interact with the audience through chat messages.
The Dream Catcher wheel is divided into 54 equal segments which are separated by pins. Of those 54 segments, 52 are marked with a number (1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40) with a unique colour for each number. If the wheel stops at your chosen number after the spin, you will be a  winner. If the wheel stops on 2x or 7x, then all bets shall remain standing, but any wins on the next spin shall be multiplied by 2 or 7, according to the multiplier the wheel stopped on in the original spin. If you think you’ll enjoy this, you definitely will enjoy the Hollywoodbets Spina Zonke games. 

How do you place a Dream Catcher Bet?

Playing this game is quite easy, you simply have to select the amount you wish to stake and click on the number you want to bet on and wait for the wheel to be spun.
There is a limited amount of time between spins, which means that you must be quick when you place your bets because you will not be able to take any bets once the wheel is spun. 
There is a repeat function which lets you repeat all of your previous bets if you choose to. You can also click the UNDO button repeatedly to remove bets, one by one, in the reverse order of which they were placed. You can clear all your bets by holding the UNDO button.
There is also a double button which becomes available after you have placed any bet. Each click you make doubles all your bets up to the maximum limit but you must have a sufficient funds in your account in order to double all your placed bets.

Playabet Betgames is gaining traction in a competitive South African online sports betting marketplace and they offer BetGames on both their web and mobi sites.

How to win BetGames

BetGames offer quite a few game options, but at the moment the most popular ones are Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7, Dice Duel and Wheel of Fortune. Depending on which BetGames game you play, the strategy to win will be slightly different. Remember though to never bet more than you can afford to lose. Most of the games take place every 5 minutes and are available 24hrs per day. Want to try your luck? Play Betgames with Hollywoodbets or try the Hollywoodbets Spina Zonke games.

In order to Win at BetGames, you need to gather as much information as possible and use this information to guide your Betgames Africa strategy. Luckily as the games take place every 5 minutes, there are hundreds of draws per day, meaning hundreds of results to gather information from. With results being released every 5 minutes, it would be impossible for the average person to gather them, but we have a dedicated team of people who update the results from each game, as they come out. 

Once we have the BetGames results for all draws, we then plug these into our betting prediction engine. This takes the results and provides a calculated summary so that you have the information you need to make informed decisions. 

How to win BetGames Lucky 5

You can use our tips for lucky 5 to help you win more, by looking at the Average Number of odd balls dropped per draw, the Average Number of even balls dropped per draw, the average number of white balls dropped etc.

How to win BetGames lucky 6

We provide data such as Average SUM of the numbers on red balls; the Average SUM of the numbers on blue balls, and the Average SUM of the numbers on A Zone.

How to win BetGames Lucky 7

Results such as Numbers most dropped, the Numbers least dropped, or the Average sum of yellow balls etc.

How to win BetGames Wheel of fortune

We provide the results for % of times clapper stops in Grey sector, the % of times clapper stops in Red sector and the % of times clapper stops in Black sector etc

Why is Betgames Popular

BetGames Africa has been taking South African betting sites and punters by storm. It started off relatively slowly with only a few betting sites having betgames, but has since grown and now almost every single betting site in South Africa offers betgames. 
But why is it so popular. There are three main reason why BetGames is so popular in South Africa.

Numbers based
BetGames are predominantly numbers based. This means that the games they offer are very similar to Lucky numbers, which has proved immensely popular in SA. By keeping the games focused around numbers (like lucky 5), they have ensured that players have an association to it and the gameplay doesn’t feel too foreign.

Easy & fun to play
Closely linked to the above, BetGames Africa have ensured that players who have never played betgames before can very quickly figure out how to play it. This is done by keeping it numbers based for similarity, as well as keeping the bet types simple and intuitive. Each game has bet markets which are easy to understand and easy to know if you win or lose. Want to try online slots? Try Spina Zonke from Hollywoodbets

24hour gameplay
Unlike lucky numbers which are drawn at specific times throughout the day and sports, which take place during match times and maybe 3-10 matches per day at the most. Betgames offers 24hours of gameplay. There is a draw every 3 minutes and as one game ends you can play one of the others (at the moment BetGames offers 6 different games)

Betgames South Africa

BetGames are becoming one of the most popular betting products in South Africa, after Sport. As online casino is illegal in South Africa, BetGames offers one of the closest ways for us to enjoy casino-type games, plus it is very similar to lucky numbers so it is similar to what most punters are used to betting on. The main difference being the actual gameplay and visuals.

Where to Play BetGames Online in South Africa

Although BetGames is a fun game to play in the retail stores, it is exceptionally fun to play online. This is because it works so well on your mobile and you get to watch the balls drop in real-time with the presenters on your phone. Almost every betting site in SA offers betGames, and this includes the main betting companies like Hollywoodbets betgames, betway betgames and WorldSportsBetting. Although the product will look quite similar on all the sites, there are subtle differences. Some betting sites, like WSB,only offer the Lucky games (lucky 5, 6, and 7.), while other betting sites like Hollywoodbets, offers the full suite of betgames products which includes wheel of fortune and dice duel. 
Apart from that, sometimes the odd are slightly different as well, so it’s worth looking around the various betting sites to make sure you are getting the best odds. Sometimes, if the gameplay is so much better and the site is one you prefer playing on, it’s best to play even if they don’t have the best odds.

How to play betGames in South Africa

The best thing is about BetGames is that it is so easy to play and that there are games every 3 minutes so you are always able to play. Also, minimum bets are usually set at R1 meaning you get lots of play for little money. Each game is slightly different, but for every game from BetGames, you get to watch real draws by real people which makes it more fun. Sometimes these are lotto ball draws, are a wheel spinning or playing cards being drawn. The betting is not typically on which ball will be dropped but rather typically on a combination of factors. These include bet markets like will more odd balls be dropped than even, will all the dropped balls add up to even, will more balls of a certain colour be dropped than others etc.