Betting on Rugby

For most people rugby betting is predicting the result, home win, away win or a draw. This is the simplest and easiest way to view betting on rugby. There are other markets such as total points, handicap, and winning margins.
Total points:
Total points is a bet in which an over/under prediction is placed on. Both teams’ scores are added up to give a total for the game. The main betting markets are over/36.5 and over/under 45.5 points. The key to this bet is research, to look to the home and away team’s record. The points they have scored over the weeks leading up to the match.
The match handicap market is there to equal the playing field is most one sided games. There is a plus handicap which is added to a team’s score or a minus handicap which is subtracted from a team’s score. If you back a team at +5, the team must win or lose by 4 points or less to win the bet. If you back a team at -5 the team must win the game by more than 5 points.
Halftime/Fulltime also known as double result is predicting which team will be leading at halftime and which team will win at fulltime. Research is key in this bet as some teams do better in the first or second halves in games. Travel and game location are indicators that must be considered in making bets, home teams that have their stadiums at altitude have better second halves against coastal teams due to fatigue of the away team.
Betting tips:
Betting on rugby can be done throughout the year. Super rugby, Six Nations, Outgoing and Incoming tours, Rugby championships and most countries domestic rugby competitions are offered by betting companies.
When betting on rugby concentrate on a few leagues or competitions, know the players, teams and history. Watch the games know how the teams play. It will help in deciding on which markets to bet on and which game has the best prospect of a return.
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