Betway Beat the Odds Promotion

Betway has a great promotion whereby if you manage to top the leaderboard, you stand a great chance to win big. There is a total of a whopping R5 Million to be shared amongst winners, you simply need to beat the Odds this season in order for you to stand a chance to win a share of this R5 million in amazing prizes. Top the leaderboard, and you’ll walk away with the grand prize of R1 million in cash.

There is quite a lot of prizes lined up and these prizes range from tech, cash and fuel for a year, all-expenses-paid trips to watch soccer matches, amongst other great prizes.
Please note that every bet you place from the Beat the Odds page will either earn or lose you points on the overall leaderboard.

Terms and Conditions
The Betway Beat the Odds (also referred to as “The Promotion”) is open to all new and existing Betway customers.
The Promotion will run from 1 August, 2022. All bets placed outside of the promotion dates, will not qualify.
In order to qualify for the promotion customers must make Match Result (1X2) predictions on pre-selected fixtures each week.
The Beat the Odds promotion is a leaderboard promotion in which customers can earn points by predicting and betting on pre-selected outcomes.
Customers must include at least one pre-selected match in their prediction and do not need to include all pre-selected games in order to qualify. Selections must be made on the chosen games and may not be altered in any way.
Each selection will contribute towards a total point tally on the Beat the Odds leaderboard. All predictions must be correct in order to contribute to the tally on the leaderboard. Losing predictions will result in points being deducted from the tally on the leaderboard.
Customers may choose to only make predictions, or may choose to make predictions and bet on the chosen outcomes. Placing a bet on the outcomes will result in a double-point reward (if the bet wins) and a half-point deduction if the bet loses. Points are allocated as follows:
Winning predictions (no bet placed) – Total odds added to overall points tally on leaderboard
Lost predictions (no bet placed) – Total odds deducted from overall points tally on leaderboard
Add predictions to betslip & bet wins – Total odds doubled and added to overall points tally on leaderboard
Add predictions to betslip & bet loses – Total odds halved and deducted from overall points tally on leaderboard
Bets may be of any amount, but must be cash bets placed before the first match of the selection kicks off.
Only the first bet placed on the chosen fixtures count towards the promotion.

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