Betway Megamillions Promotion

From the 7th of February up to the 25th of March 2022, Betway SA has a great promotion which is dubbed ‘Mega Million’ where you stand a chance to win your own share of a staggering ZAR1,000,000 in cash!
For you to get a chance of winning, you must simply place a bet of a minimum of R10 on selected games from the promotional period, which is from 7 February to 25 March and that is all you need to stand a chance of winning a share of R1,000,000 in cash every week.

There is no limit to how many bets you can place and each and every qualifying bet will earn you a point for the Mega Million Leaderboard. The more points you earn, the better your chances of winning.
Below are the games you must look out for each and every week during the promotional period:

Week 1 Roulette 07 Feb 22 00:00 – 14 Feb 22 00:00
Week 2 Gameshows 14 Feb 22 00:00 – 21 Feb 22 00:00
Week 3 Blackjack 21 Feb 22 00:00 – 28 Feb 22 00:00
Week 4 Lucky Numbers 28 Feb 22 00:00 – 07 Mar 22 00:00
Week 5 Betgames 07 Mar 22 00:00 – 14 Mar 22 12:00
Week 6 Ezugi or Authentic Live Casino Games 14 Mar 22 00:00 – 21 Mar 22 12:00
Week 7 Any Live Casino Games 21 Mar 22 00:00 – 28 Mar 22 00:00

This is a lucrative promotion because each week for the first six weeks, you will have a chance to win a share of up to R100,000, that is, 10 winners will win a share of R50,000 every Monday then another 10 winners will win a share of R50,000 every Friday. Below is a prize breakdown for the first 6 weeks:
Weeks 1 to 6:
Leaderboard Position Prize Amount
1st R 20,000
2nd R 10,000
3rd to 5th R 5,000 Each
6th to 10th R 1,000 Each
In the last week of the promotion, Betway gives you a chance to win a share of R450,000 in cash. On the 21st March 10 winners will win a share of R225,000 then on the 25th of March the last 10 winners will win a share of R225,000. Below is a prize breakdown for week 7:
Leaderboard Position Prize Amount
1st R 100,000
2nd R 60,000
3rd R 20,000
4th & 5th R 10,000 Each
6th TO 10th R 5,000 Each

Terms and conditions
This promotion is open to all new and existing Betway customers.
This promotion is only valid from 7 February to 25 March, 2022. All bets placed after the promotion dates will not qualify.
In order to earn a point for the Mega Million leaderboard, customers must bet R10 or more on selected games each week. Only the specified game/s for that week will count towards the promotion. The weekly qualifying games are as follows:
Any bets/wagers placed on any games other than the specified weekly game will not qualify for the promotion and will not earn any points.
Each bet of R10 or more will earn an additional point for the leaderboard.
All bets and/or wagers placed must be cash.
The total prize pool for the promotion is R1,000,000 (one million rand). A share of the total prize pool will be allocated to players occupying the top 10 positions on the leaderboard each week.
Prize allocations will take place on the following dates:
Prize allocations will not be streamed live and all winners will be notified via SMS. Winnings will be deposited directly into the winners’ Betway accounts. Winnings may take up to 48 hours to reflect.
The leaderboard will be refreshed every Monday at 00:00 and every Friday at 12:00, and all participants will start on zero (0) points.
10 cash prizes will be awarded on each prize allocation date.