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Vouchers are an innovative way of allowing customers to make deposits and payments onto various online stores and websites without having to use bank cards, making online shopping/betting/gambling accessible to everyone regardless of their location. Purchasing vouchers is easy and readily available across the country and are accepting as methods of payments by numerous websites/betting sites.

Online betting is now very popular in South Africa and several punters are now opting to bet online than visiting betting outlets because online betting is quite convenient.The Covid 19 pandemic may be one of the main reasons why this form of betting has become even more popular because people had no other alternative ways of betting during the national lockdowns and that is when most punters began to appreciate online betting. Unlike betting at an outlet when one just has to carry his cash and place a bet, with online betting, a betting account has to be adequately funded before one’s bets can be accepted and there is quite a lot of payment methods available on the South African betting sites namely Bank Deposits, VISA, Mastercard, Instant EFT and Vouchers.

What are Betting Vouchers?
Vouchers are some of the most popular ways of depositing funds on one’s account and they are very popular with punters since they can use them to make make deposits into their online betting accounts without having to use their Bank Cards since people are very skeptical when it comes to making online transactions with their Bank Cards. It is important to note that vouchers are not limited to the betting industry alone but are used in various sectors which deal with online transactions like online shops. What makes vouchers popular with punters is that they are readily available across South Africa and can be purchased even at the local Spaza shops and at leading supermarkets such as Game Stores, Shoprite, Checkers, PEP, Spar and Pick’n’Pay, Rhino, Peoples Prepaid, GloCell, Cambridge Food, CellAir, Makro. Making a deposit using a voucher is pretty simple, the punter simply needs to buy a voucher at any place where these vouchers are sold where he will be given a receipt with a code. The punter then has to log into his betting account and redeem that voucher by entering the code on the voucher and the account will be credited with the equivalent value of the voucher.

Several bookmakers in South Africa offer voucher deposits for its punters which makes it easy for punters to fund their betting accounts, this article seeks to identify which vouchers do these betting sites offer for deposits, and where and how to use them on the sites. Also take a look at our Aviator Predictor.

Most Popular Betting Vouchers


Gives you the opportunity to to convert cash into online credit at participating stores/websites allowing you to shop, deposit funds or make payments online. Visit a participating store/voucher reseller and ask for an OTT voucher and select your amount. You can now spend, top up accounts or pay for transactions online.
Making payments online is easy, when you are ready to pay- select Ott voucher as your method of payment and enter your Ott voucher code. These vouchers are available at over 75 000 outlets country wide- allowing you to buy, pay accounts or subscribe online.

Where to buy Ottvouchers:

Can be purchased online. Go to the OTTvoucher website:
Select value or enter amount.
Enter the cellphone number the voucher number must be sent to.
Click on the tab to pay using CallPay or click on the tab to pay using OZOW.
Wait until the pin is displayed before closing the page.

Can be purchased instore:
Peoples Prepaid
Cambridge Food
PAV Telecoms
R & A Cellular
A2 Pay
Caltex (fresh stop)
Builders Warehouse
Just Right Communications
Can purchase vouchers in the following denominations:
R5, R10, R20, R50, R100, R200 R500, R1000, R2000, R5000

Betting sites that accept OTT vouchers

HollywoodBets Top Up Vouchers, Interbet, Betway vouchers, Gbets, Playbet, Yesplay, Marshalls, Sun Bet, Powerbets, Playabets, World Sports Betting, Lotto Star, Soccer Shop Lucky bets, LM Bookmaker Tab Gold, Top Bet, Morris Vee, Massiv Bet, Vegas Bets, Tab, Sports Bet, First Bet, Afri Bet, Biza Bets, Supabets


A convenient way to transact online without using a bank card where you can deposit, top up or pay accounts with any participating online stores/websites/betting sites. Visit a participating store/voucher reseller and ask for an Blu voucher and select the value you wish to buy for.
Topping up your favourite online store/website/betting site account is quick and easy. Simply login to your account, click deposit, select Blu Voucher as your payment method and enter the 16 digit voucher pin found on your voucher and you are ready to continue transacting/betting/shopping. If you don’t use the full value of the voucher you usually don’t receive a refund of the balance but you do have the option to top up your account using another voucher.

Where to buy Blu vouchers

Available to buy at various participating outlets.
Can purchase vouchers in any denominations from R2 up to R1000 or you can select your own amount.

Betting sites that accept BluVouchers

Supabets Vouchers, Diski Millions, Rugby Fundi, Soccer Tab, Betway

1forYou Vouchers

A digital voucher offering online payment access for everyone by taking your cash online, allowing you to shop, deposit funds or make payments online.
Visit a participating store/voucher reseller and ask for a 1foryou voucher and select your amount. You can use the voucher to pay or top up your account or make purchases as well as top up your 1foryou app. Visit any of our parent sites and log in to your account. Choose deposit option and select 1foryou as your payment method. Enter the voucher pin and your count will be credited immediately and you can now make purchases or bet online.

Where to buy 1foryou voucher

Purchase in store at one of the following outlets:
Pep, Fresh Stop, Pep Home, Pep Cell, Shoprite, Checkers, USave, Deals, Ackermans, OK, House & Home, Tyme Bank

Betting sites that accept 1ForYou vouchers

HollywoodBets vouchers, Betway vouchers, Supabets vouchers, Sporting Bet, Sport Pesa, World Sports Betting Vouchers, National Lottery, Soccer Tab, PlayaBet, LottoStar vouchers, Tab, Gbets, Play Live Casino, First Bet, Morris Vee, Yes Play, Power Bets, Biza Bets, Lucky Bets, Top Bet, Sports Bet, Just Go, GG Gaming, Interbet, Lottoland, Eazibet, Lucky 365, Marshalls, Afribet, Betflash, Scorebet, Betalimp, Sun Bet, Vegas Bets, Soccer Shop, Diski Millions,, Tab Gold, Playa, Betting World, Scorebet Vouchers, GBets Vouchers.


A prepaid service that offers an electronic vending service that is quick, safe and convenient. Allows people to convert cash into online credit at participating stores/websites allowing you to shop, deposit funds or make payments online via the purchase of a voucher from participating stores. Available across wherever the Kazang sign appears, especially popular in rural and informal areas.

Visit a participating store/voucher reseller and ask for a Kazang voucher and select your amount. You will receive a sms saying you have received a voucher and you will receive a receipt. Go to a participating site/betting site, login, purchase, top up, deposit or pay. Select Kazang as your deposit method, enter your Kazang voucher code and click redeem- your account will be credited immediately.

Where to buy Kazang vouchers

Available to purchase at numerous participating retailers where the Kazang sign in displayed, including rural and informal settlement areas. Can be purchased in numerous denominations between R5 and R1000.

Betting sites that accept Kazang vouchers

Betway, National Lottery, Hollywoodbets

Ringas Vouchers

Ringas is an exciting and unique prepaid airtime voucher universal from South Africa, what makes Ringas exciting is the fact that it works across all networks which means that it allows you to top-up your number with any of the four major South African mobile networks

Where to buy OTT Vouchers

An OTT voucher is an online payment method in South Africa which is being used by a wide range of eCommerce retailors in South Africa including online bookmakers. An OTT voucher is a convenient way of funding a betting account and punters must physically pay cash at the retailers which sell OTT vouchers in exchange for a voucher equivalent to the cash which can be be redeemed online at a later stage. Several bookmakers in South Africa like Hollywoodbets, Betway, Interbet and several others are offering OTT vouchers as a method of depositing due to their conveniency. OTT vouchers can be purchased from over 70 000 outlets in South Africa at Makro, PAV Telecoms, People’s Prepaid, R&A Cellular, Just Right Communications, A2 Pay, Game, Glocell, Fresh Stop, Builders, Boxer, Rhino, Kazang, Cambridge Food and Cell Air. The voucher enables consumers to convert cash into an online currency which enables them to do online transactions including gambling activities.

Where to buy 1foryou Voucher

1foryou voucher is a very popular payment and top-up method which allows customers to make online payments safe & easy. Pay and top up your favourite online accounts. 1foryou is not only used in the betting industry but in other sectors as well because you can use it with Ikeja, Too Much wIFI, PayGas, Netcare amongst other companies and organisations. Several bookmakers in South Africa use the 1foryou voucher as a payment method and the good thing is that the vouchers can be purchased at various outlets across South Africa namely Flash, Shoprite, OK, PEP, PEP Home, PEP Cell, Checkers, Usave, Dealz, Tyme Bank, House and Home, Ackermans, Top it Up, Bondicell and Nedbank. A voucher from 1foryou has a 16-digit PIN and when a punter purchases a 1foryou voucher, he or she must log into the betting account and redeem the voucher by inputing the 16 digit PIN, afterwhich, the equivalent of the money on that voucher will instantly reflect in the account.

Where to buy Blu Vouchers

Blu Voucher is a prepaid voucher which is used in a number of sectors including the betting industry. The number of bookmakers using Blu Voucher is increasing by the day and the reason is that Blu Vouchers are easy to use and punters can easily fund their betting accounts. because punters can use these vouchers to fund their online betting accounts. There is quite a number of merchants where you can purchase your Blu voucher from and this makes Blu voucher a convenient payment method. After purchasing the voucher, you then need to proceed to your bookmaker’s online platform or shop in order to redeem the voucher and provide your 16 digit pin and the full value of the money on the voucher will reflect in your account. The great thing about Blu Vouchers are available in various denominations from R2 to R1 000. The voucher is one of the best deposit options available because there are no fees applicable to the voucher, however you cannot withdraw using this method.

Where to buy Kazang Vouchers

Kazang is arguably South Africa’s biggest payment and top-up company offeres several products to various businesses in South Africa. Kazang claims to be a one-stop shop when it comes to prepaid products and services, money transfers and bill payments and it is impossible to walk in South Africa and not see the Kazang sign, proving just how big Kazang is. Kazang is popular because it offers a quick, safe and convenient way of transacting for punters by converting cash into online credit at the various bookmakers which use Kazang services. To deposit using Kazang, a punter must purchase a Kazang voucher at a participating store where they will recieve the voucher for the amount tendered. The punter then has to log into his betting account and redeem the voucher by entering the voucher code. Kazang is available from several retailers including the Spaza shops.