Lottostar Vouchers is one of the most popular online betting sites in the country and is tailored for all enthusiasts of lottery play.

The site offers life-changing opportunities for bettors with daily draws reaching amounts in excess of R50 million. is one of the largest online lottery sites currently available in South Africa and due to the availability of so many world class lotteries there is a large client base.

The operators know their market well and that is why they make use of the pre-paid voucher system.

Lottostar offers two sorts of vouchers with the ‘1voucher’ and the ‘OTT voucher’.

According to the company 1voucher is a simple way of topping up a LottoStar account. It is available in any amount and can be purchased at more than 10 000 outlets across South Africa.

This system is simple-to-use and punters can get more info on the following link – purchase a 1voucher from any FLASH store:

Essentially a punter must log into your Lottostar account, click on the ‘Deposit Funds’ tab, select the 1voucher option and insert the PIN in the section provided and finally confirm.

The other voucher method that a lottostar user can avail themselves too is the OTT Voucher.

The OTT Voucher is available in any amount across South Africa at over 20 000 outlets. Stores such as Boxer and Glocell are popular retailers for this voucher.

Once a punter purchases an OTT voucher they must follow the steps below:

Log into your LottoStar account, click on the ‘Deposit Funds’ tab then select the OTT Voucher option and insert the PIN in the section provide, followed by clicking confirm. Here is a link for more details on this voucher system.

Lottostar is making terrific use of the voucher market, an especially growing trend in online betting. Most of their users have a strong knowledge of the pre-paid system and the retailers are ideally located in and around the concentration of areas of core clientele.