Scorebet Vouchers

The online sports betting community in South Africa is an extremely competitive marketplace and as such companies like have to keep ahead of trends as they develop. All betting vouchers.

The most effective way to keen in time to the industry is to tap into your clientele and find out how ‘betting on your site’ will improve their lives.

Sports betting is no longer a niche market in South Africa and is fast becoming a massively popular pastime for millions of punters so one of the most important facets is making life as simple as possible for a community that may not be computer savvy.

This broad based appeal can be found in the use of the voucher system. The principle of the voucher system is based on pre-paid technology like with phone time or loading electricity. This is based on a punter going into a store outlet like a supermarket chain and purchasing a pre-paid voucher and logging onto and topping up the bet-account. uses the popular OTT voucher-system. These vouchers can be purchased nationwide at more than 20 000 retailers.

A punter can find OTT Vouchers at any ScoreBet Shop, Boxer Stores, Glocell Shops, Caltex Fresh Stops or Kazang Resellers.

A punter can also click on this link to find the closest reseller in your area

Scorebet has gone one step further and is now offering a bonus for OTT voucher users. According to the promotional news in their site; if a punter buys a prepaid R50 OTT voucher on the ScoreBet Promotion they will receive a further R50 free.

This promotion is subject to the site’s time frames and may appear from time to time. The reason this is mentioned is that is thinking out of the box by not only offering a voucher system but also implementing a bonus structure around it, and this means the operators are on top of their game. Many leading competitors offer vouchers (while some do not at all) but very few attach a bonus feature with it and hats off to