Supabets Vouchers is one of South Africa’s best online sports betting sites and have become a major player in a cutting edge industry. See all vouchers for betting.

The likes of Supabets brings about a strong sense of professionalism and provides an array of promotions, large bet-markets and many more features.

The current trend of trying to reach out to the mass market is a relatively new concept to South Africa and the key to this crucial component lies in providing the punter with the most convenient, accessible and easy-to-use operation.

The betting voucher system is one such tool and is based on the same principle as pre-paid electricity of phone time, with the user going to a convenient retailer and purchasing a certain amount at the said retailer. The cashier will then hand the punter a voucher card with a number on it – this number reflects the purchase and can be inputted on web or mobi site.

There are various voucher systems in place in South Africa, with the likes of ‘1voucher’ and ‘OTT voucher’ and these are well used by the competition. is slightly different and does not use these two services. Instead they have their own voucher procedure.

Pre-paid cards are only available at every shop of theirs , 31 stores in total in the country.

A punter must simply scratch silver foil off back to reveal the number. Then log on and go to accounts link and follow pre-pad prompts. will do well to add 1voucher and OTT voucher to their plate as these two alone bring in more than 50 000 retailers.

This operator is one of the slickest on the market and will no doubt be thinking along these lines.

The mass market is made up of consumers who are used to purchasing pre-paid goods like phone and electricity and they are also not as computer savvy with regard to online banking, so vouchers are a perfect means to top up accounts.

There are also many users that are distrustful of computer banking and this is another advantage of vouchers. is an exciting, innovative platform and the voucher system looks set to be a market-changer in South Africa.