Rugby 5

Rugby 5 is a bet type that aims to take the excitement of one of the most popular sports to a whole new level. Each Rugby 5 pool (Rugby 5 matches) consists of 5 matches which are labelled M1 to M5. The home team is always Team A and the away team is always Team B. In order to win, players need to predict the results of all 5 matches and there are 5 result options to select from in every match. The result options are as follows:
-Team A to win by difference of 1 to 12 points.
-Team A to win by difference of 13 points or more.
-Team B to win by difference of 1 to 12 points.
-Team B to win by difference of 13 points or more.

Players can select single or multiple entries with each bet costing R5. Multiple entries cost R5 per combination. In order to calculate the cost of multiple entries, players need to take the total number of choices made in each match and multiply them out.
Rugby 5 can be played online, by telephone or by using a smartphone, tablet or internet enabled cellphone. Deposits can be made in a variety of ways including EFT and credit cards. At least one Rugby 5 pool takes place every weekend and bets can be played from Monday before until the start of the first match in the pool, so get started as soon as the Rugby 5 fixtures are available. The governing rugby bodies declare the official pay-out as soon as the Rugby 5 results are received. This is usually the day after the last match in the pool. The result of a match is the score at the end of a regular 80-minute playing period. The Rugby 5 pay-out is calculated by dividing the number of winning entries into the pool total. Results and pay-outs are usually immediately displayed online. Winnings for telebetting, mobile betting and online betting are automatically credited to players’ accounts and can be directly transferred into their bank accounts.
If a match in the Rugby 5 pool is not completed by 9am on the morning after the last day on which matches were scheduled, it is deemed abandoned.

You can go to the official Rugby 5 website here