Soccer 1

Soccer 1 is a bet type that allows players to place bets on the outcome of a single match. When players place bets using a bet slip, they are to mark S1 on the bet slip. The outcomes are based on the end results of regular 90-minute playing periods and includes any injury time that may have been played. Penalty shoot outs and extra time is not usually taken into account.
For each match, there are six result options. These six options are denoted by a computerised tote betting system using numbers. The result options for Soccer 1 are as follows:

-Team A win by difference of only one goal.
-Team A win by difference of two goals of more.
-No-score draw.
-Score draw.
-Team B win by difference of only one goal.
-Team B win by difference of two goals or more.
When players place bets, they use options 1 to 6 to denote their choices and the same numbers are used to display the results.
Each betting unit costs R1, however, the minimum amount that can be played on each chosen result option is R6. This can be increased by increments of R1. For example, players can bet R6, R9 or R11 on a result option, but cannot bet R5 or less. If players choose 2 options, the cost will equal a minimum of R12.

All Soccer 1 dividends are displayed in R1 units. This means that if a players receives a R3 pay-out, they would win R18 (6 x R3) for a R6 bet. This is an exciting head-to-head bet that allows players to test their soccer knowledge and support their favourite teams.