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Slots sites in South Africa

As more and more betting sites in South Africa start offering online slots, we will be able to expand this list. At the moment there are only 4 SA Betting sites that offer true online slots are these are:

Hollywoodbets Spina Zonke Slots is perhaps the most popular sportsbook in South Africa. There are several reasons why South African players have chosen the operator as their number one sportsbook. If you are familiar with slots at online casinos, then Spina Zonke options won’t be strange to you. Spina Zonke can be referred to as a portfolio of online slots. However, they are unique to your standard slots in the sense that they are exclusively developed for Hollywoodbets. This means you won’t find any Spina Zonke game on any other platform.

Betway Spins Slots

Betway Spins can be referred to as a Mecca of slots or spin titles. The site features new releases and some of the classic and most popular slots of all time. This page is dedicated to the spin games at Here, you will learn about these games, how they work, and how to play them at Betway.

Although there are hundreds of slot games that players in South Africa can play, just a few make the cut as being the best and most popular. Below is the list of the current most popular and highly rated slots games in South Africa.

Our top Slot Games in South Africa

Candy Tower Slots

The Spina Zonke game features 6×5 reels and 20 ways to win. An impressive factor about Candy Tower is its massive max payout of 42,522. Imagine a lot of candies you can get at that amount. The slot is also perfect for different budgets. You only need at least 30c to spin, making it one of the most affordable games on Hollywoodbets Spina Zonke.

Lucky Lucky Slots

The slot also features an oriental theme with plenty of allusions to East Asian culture, especially its folklore. The background is picturesque, with beautiful imagery of the Tianzi Mountains from China and cherry blossom trees swaying as you spin the reels. The accompanying soundtrack of the slot completes the graphical awesomeness of this game. See how to play Lucky Lucky

Wealth Inn

Wealth Inn is a 3 reel, 3-row slot with eight betways that pay left to right. It features an oriental tavern where you can have your dreams come true with several bonus features and an expanding wild icon.

Nuwa Slots

The game transports you into the fantasy world of Nuwa, where you get to interact with peaceful and fairies to unearth the secrets of this world. Along with its secrets, Nuwa holds several rewards and spins, waiting to give them to the lucky player – you.

Hot Hot Fruit Slots

Launched in 202 by Habanero, Hot Hot Fruit comes with five reels and 15 paylines. The game features a funky fruit-themed slot with colourful graphics and a melodic soundtrack that adds to the overall appeal. Hot Hot Fruit also comes fully packed with free spins and multipliers, and you can access all these features from as low as 30c a spin. It is no wonder that the game instantly became many players’ favourite soon after being released.

How to Compare Online Slots

Slots are the most popular option at a casino. They also constitute the most significant number of games available. How slot machines become the favourite of players is no rocket science; it goes all the way back to the days of land-based casinos before the advent of internet casinos. 

Players love slot machines for many reasons. Some of them include;

  • The game’s simplicity
  • impressive visuals
  • Diverse themes, and
  • range of bonus features from free spins to wild, multipliers and bonus rounds. 

With the thousands of online slots available and more being released every month, a newbie may find it very hard to select a particular slot to play. The options are just too many. However, one way to streamline your choices and make a better decision is to compare the available offers and go for the best one. 

Here are some essential things to keep in mind before you start comparing slot games  

  • Slots may look alike in their gameplay, but their output and design usually differs 
  • It is vital to understand slot machines and how they work before playing the game.

There are various factors to consider when comparing online slots. These factors help you to understand the game you intend to play, their output possibilities and their 

The number of paylines 

Paylines are one of the most important features you should check in a slot before playing. They are also known as betting or winning lines. They represent the combination of symbols on slot machines that gives a winning outcome. The first-ever built slots have only one payline, meaning you can only strike a winning combination when you match three symbols horizontally.

However, modern video slots come with at least 25 paylines and are not capped. Some slots have hundreds of winning paylines. The information about the payout potentials of a payline is usually contained in the slot’s paytable. 

Furthermore, paylines don’t have to be horizontal anymore; they now come in different shapes. Depending on your preference, you can either go for games with a small number or a high number of pay lines. If you love to keep track of all your slot lines, then slots with a few paylines are for you. However, you should go for the latter if you feel you can win more with more paylines. 

The number of reels

Another essential piece of information about slot machines is their number of reels. It’s also another way you can use to access and compare slot games online. Reels are the vertical positions located on the grid of a slot machine. 

Every slot machine, whether live or online, has a reel. It’s where the screen action takes place. After making a bet, you will need to spin the reel. The premier slot games feature only three reels, and they spun perfectly. 

These three reels can produce up to 10,000 possible combinations. However, most modern online slots feature 5 reels.

Minimum and maximum betting limits 

When you start playing for real money, you need to have a budget, and it should include how much you are willing to stake on games. Slots have a varying deposit and minimum limits. While some can cost as low as 20c to play, other slots may have higher minimums. Go for whichever slots fit your budget and can allow you to spin for several rounds. 

Return to Player Percentage

Return to player (RTP) percentage is the amount a slot is expected to pay back to the player over a long period. It is the percentage win rate a player is likely to achieve while playing a particular slot. Although it’s mainly theoretical,  RTPs are a great way to see which slots are player-friendly and generous. 

The rule is that the higher the RTP, the better the game. Every slot has an RTP, which is not usually similar to each other. So, compare the slot player percentages before playing that title for real money. Generally, slots with 96% and higher RTPs are considered excellent. 

Hit/Win frequency 

Many players don’t bother to check the hit frequency of a slot before playing it. However, it is likewise essential to know about the win frequency of your chosen game. Hit frequency is the percentage of spins in which you are expected to have at least one payout. 

You can find info about some slots’ hit frequency on the screen. For instance, if a game displays a 15% win frequency, it means you can expect to win about one out of every six spins. However, an average slot usually features between 20% and 30% hit frequency.


Variance or volatility refers to how often a slot will hit winning combinations. It also highlights the level of risk of a particular game. A slot can either be a low-variance, mid-variance or high variance. However, the basic rule is that the higher the variance of an online slots game, the bigger the potential wins and the higher the risk of ruin. 

However, the impact of volatility on a slot is calculated over a long time, so you may not see the effect while playing the game once or twice. But still, it’s advisable to go for variance levels that fit your budget. 

If you have a small bankroll, avoid high volatility slots irrespective of their potential for significant wins. This is because you stand a chance of losing all your bankroll over a short period. However, with low volatility slots, the winnings may be small, but the bets will be too

How do Slot RNGs Work?

Ever seen an online slot and wondered how it works? If you have ever signed up at an online casino, then you would probably have tried playing slots. As they watch the spin and its outcome, one question that usually fills players’ minds, especially newbies, would be how the slots determine wins or know the perfect time to give a jackpot. Is it even pre-planned or preset?

Some experienced players know that a computer chip selects the numbers but can’t grasp a full idea of how it works.

It’s no magic or rocket science. Online slots’ outcomes are determined by a mechanism known as Random Number Generators (RNGs). Popularly referred to as the brain of online slots, RNGs help create random results for slots from a set of numbers. This is the page to read if you want to know more about how RNGs work in slots.

What Is a Slot’s Random Number Generator?

A Random Number generator is simply a computer program that gives results at random. From the moment you spin the reels of a slot, the RNG starts working to determine its outcome.

As its name implies, a random number generator creates random results from a set of numbers. Its work in slot games is perpetual and can never stop; else, the slot would be termed “faulty”, and the game would be unfair.

How do RNGs work?

The RNG constantly selects numbers every millisecond that correspond with the symbols displayed on the reels of a slot as you spin it.

It works by creating a value between 0 and 4 billion; these values are converted to a specific set of numbers that align with the symbols on the reels. The outcome of the slot depends on the number that was selected the moment you clicked the spin button.

Bear in mind that this process happens immediately after you click spin. However, what would be the fun in playing slots if you get the result a second after spinning the reels?

The slot developer adds the animations and movements on the reels to improve the aesthetics of the game and make it more entertaining. The RNG would have already determined your outcome before the symbols or wild land on the reels.

The process is the same with a player that spins the reels and gets a hefty jackpot and one that ends up in a loss.

Types of RNGs

There are two different types of RNGs. They include true random number generators and pseudo-random numbers. True RNGs are often used in vintage and mechanical slot machines, while the latter is primarily present in online or digital slot games.

So, irrespective of the online slot you are playing, you can be sure that its outcomes are determined by pseudo-random number generators.

True RNGs consider natural entropy or actual randomness before determining the result of a game. For instance, while playing games built with True RNGs, factors like the flatness of the surface, the speed you clicked the reels etc., can matter and help give you the desired payout.

However, pseudo RNGs are not affected by natural entropy. Rather they use a short initial value to generate a complex set of numbers to create authentic random results. The RNG processes we explained earlier in this article are mainly performed by pseudo RNGs. It’s more cost-efficient and best fit for virtual games.

Can Casinos Tamper with RNGs?

The simple answer to this question is No. Casinos have little power over RNGs that you have. But even if they can change it, they wouldn’t because it’s against the rules of their gaming licenses. Before a new slot goes live, it’s usually tested and assessed by gaming labs selected by the appropriate authorities.

The outcomes and randomness of the slot need to meet the Remote Technical Standards of the gaming authority before it can be approved. It doesn’t stop there; the licensing authority carries out regular checks to ensure that the standards are adhered to.

However, to have rest of mind while playing slots online, ensure you play at a licensed or registered casino.

Can RNGs be Cheated?

Well, one would think that since an RNG is just a computer program, a value spitting out random numbers and outcomes, it should be able to hack, right? Well, thousands would have tried. But apart from the fact that it would be a crime to do so, beating RNGs is next to impossible.

There is no slot playing strategy that can help you bypass or cheat a slot’s RNG. The pattern is unpredictable, and you can not influence the algorithm or results of RNGs by performing any particular activity, e.g. staking a particular bet amount or clicking the spin button in a certain way.