Spina Zonke Login Guide

Spina Zonke is one of the most popular betting products on the Hollywoodbets website which offers over 150 different Spina Zonke slot games. Spina Zonke offers quite a lot of exciting games such as Wizards Want War, Lucky Lucky, The Dragon Castle, Frontier, Fortune, Cake Valley, Magic Oak, Wild Trucks amongst others. Spina Zonke games are quite lucrative as you can get payouts of up to R2 million, additionally, the Spina Zonke games are available from as little as 15 cents which makes it extremely affordable. It is important for you to note that in order for you to play Spina Zonke, you must be a registered Hollywoodbets client, assuming that you have already registered, below is the simple login process for you to login on the Hollywoodbets website in order for you to play Spina Zonke.

How to login to play spina zonke on Hollywoodbets

In order for you to log in to play Spina Zonke, you must:
Visit the Hollywoodbets platform at https://www.hollywoodbets.net/
Click on the ‘Spina Zonke’ link on the left side of the homepage
You will be redirected to the Spina Zonke platform where you can access the games and start betting.
Please note that playing Spina Zonke is quite easy, you just have to understand what bet level and the coin amount is. Bet Level and Coin are used to determine how much you would like to play on your next spin.
Adjust each of these until you are happy with your stake (this is indicated by the “Bet” tab at the bottom of the game). Unlike similar games in traditional brick and mortar outlets, you can’t place a bet on a particular set of paylines – all available paylines are covered by whatever you decide to stake on your spin.