Tab Gold

Tab Gold is an online sports betting platform based in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. They offer sports betting on soccer and rugby as well as betting on horse racing. They offer online betting as well as telephone betting, but do not seem to provide a mobile service. They have over 100 different outlets which can be found in Balito, Hilltop, Ladysmith, Lotus Park, La Mercy, Greytown, Margate, Newcastle, Overport, Port Shepstone, Stonebridge, Silver Glen and many other locations around South Africa.

Deposits to Tab Gold can be made through credit cards, internet transfers or at one of their stores. Deposits are processed instantly except for internet transfers which can take up to 3 working days to process. Tab Gold have bank accounts with Standard Bank, First National Bank, Absa and Nedbank. Withdrawals can be made via bank transfers or at any of the physical outlets. All winning bets must be claimed within 90 days. They accept transactions made in South African Rands (ZAR), Great British Pounds(GBP) and U.S Dollars (USD). Deposits and withdrawals made in foreign currencies are subject to the relevant foreign exchange controls. Since there has been an increase in credit card fraud, all credit cards must be verified by Tab Gold auditors before they can be used. The credit card application form can be downloaded on the Tab Gold website, printed and completed and sent back to Tab Gold in the mail.

At Tab Gold, players can bet on soccer and rugby teams from all over the world, including countries like Ireland, Dubai, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, USA and Canada. Some of the exciting bet types to choose from include pick 6, jackpot, trifecta, quartet, pick 3, place accumulator, bipot, double, all to come bet, jackpot pool and more. Players may not cancel any bets online but instead need to call the telephone betting centre if they wish to cancel a bet. The Tab Gold internet server is active 24 hours a day, however, all online betting faculties draw information from their wagering system, which is only operational during business hours. The system also does not operate on days when there is no racing. The website also hosts live streaming of horse races, although this feature is only available to South African customers.

The website is extremely extensive and hosts plenty of information including fixtures, odds, information, betting guides, video archives, latest results, predictions and more. All customers will find anything they are needing on the website. Customers can also subscribe to the Tab Gold mailing list via the website in order to receive the latest in horse racing news. For any enquiries, customers can contact the local or international Tab Gold customer service team of highly trained professionals.