Sportstake 4

Bit by bit, step by step, the face of online sports betting is slowly changing. Well, we have to say that the changes are for the better as they are ushering in high payouts for winners. In recent times, the National Lottery of South Africa instituted its own sports betting innovation. This comes in the form of the National Lottery Sportstake 4. In this article, we are going to share with all players what the National Lottery Sportstake 4 entails and how it is played.

What is the National Lottery Sportstake 4 and how to play the game?

The National Lottery Sportstake 4 is a sports betting jackpot. Players looking to play this jackpot game must make half time and full-time predictions (1,X,2) on four preselected professional soccer league matches. The league matches are selected at random from across the globe. Once players have made their predictions, they need to wait for the matches to commence and depending on their predictions, the outcome of the matches will determine if they win or not.

Where to Play National Lottery Sportstake 4

Players looking to play National Lottery Sportstake 4 will need to visit the official National Lottery site available at Once they visit the site, they need to deposit some funds first which they will use for wagers. When all is done, the next thing is to click on the Sportstake 4 button to start making the predictions.

Cost of Play

National Lottery Sportstake 4 is an affordable game to play. A single board entry costs R2.00. there are no limitations as to the number of entries a player can purchase. Players can therefore purchase as many entries as they need to enhance their chances of winning.

National Lottery Sportstake 4 Prizes

50% of all the money raised from ticket sales for Sportstake 4 goes to the prize pool. If there is a player who manages to get all eight predictions correct (for first half outcome and full-time outcome) during a draw, the jackpot prize is paid. However, if there is no jackpot winner, the money is rolled over to the next jackpot. The money keeps rolling over until a definite jackpot winner pops up.

The beauty of sportstake 4 is that it also offers consolation prizes. Consolation prizes are awarded to players who get at least six correct predictions.

National Lottery Sportstake 4 Draws

The draw for the National Lottery Sportstake 4 is conducted twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.

Key National Lottery Sportstake 4 Rules to Keep in Mind at All Times

  • There are two draws conducted per week every Mondays and Thursdays
  • You can select a single outcome result for result in the first half and for the full-time result
  • A valid wager must consist of at least one selection per game per half
  • A minimum price per wager is R2.00 and maximum spend per transaction is R2,000.00
  • Each single-entry wager will cost you R2.00
  • Sportstake 4 results are considered as the score at the end of the first 45-minute half- and full-time score including the refereeā€™s added time but excludes extra time or penalty shootouts