Supabets Login Guide

Supabets ranks as one of South Africa’s biggest online sportsbooks. The popularity of this online sportsbook is largely informed by several factors talk of an excellent collection of betting products both sports betting products and betting games. Also on offer are wide selections of betting markets for each of the betting products. Even more impressive are the highly lucrative bonus rounds offered which allow players to benefit immensely from some freebies! The beauty of Supabets enables it to attract a wide range of players. For those who are interested in becoming Supabets players, all that they need to become registered members is to follow the steps below. 

How to Register on Supabets

The step by step guide in joining Supabets:

  1. Using one’s web browser be it the desktop or mobile, search and launch the Supabets site
  2. Upon  landing on the Supabets homepage, navigate to the header section and click on the REGISTER button
  3. Once the REGISTER button is hit, the registration page pops up
  4. On the registration page, the player needs to fill out the registration form which basically requires the player to input his full name, email address, mobile phone number, ID number or passport number as well as choosing the preferred password to use for all future login purposes
  5. Once all of this is done, the registration process will be just as good as finished, the only thing left at this juncture is to click the SUBMIT button. 

Supabets Login my Account

Players who would like to login to their Supabets accounts can easily do so when they follow the steps below:  

  • From any internet connecting device, search and launch the Supabets official site
  • Once the homepage launches, navigate to the upper part of the screen and click the LOGIN button
  • Clicking the LOGIN button redirects players to the login page
  • On the login page, the player needs to input his username as well as password
  • When all is done, complete the registration process by hitting the LOGIN button.  

How to do a Password Reset

To do a password reset at Supabets, players need to follow the steps below:

  • Search and launch the Supabets official site
  • Once the homepage loads, navigate to the header tab and click on the LOGIN button
  • When the login page loads, click on the FORGOT IT? Button
  • Clicking on the FORGOT IT? Button redirects players to the password reset page
  • Choose anyone between RESET VIA EMAIL or RESET VIA SMS
  • Step by step instructions are then sent via the selected method and the player has to follow those to complete the process. 

Customer Support Details

There are varied customer support platforms offered at Supabets for the benefit of all players who might need help or those simply looking to proffer some suggestions. The Supabets customer support platforms are as follows:

  • Telephone: 011 215 7000
  • SMS Help: 31888
  • Email:  
  • WhatsApp: 071 239 1133
  • Fax: +27 11 215 7018